Tennis racquet for beginners – how to choose the best one?

Tennis racquet for beginners – how to choose the best one?Buying the first tennis racquet is one of the most difficult challenges faced by beginners who start practicing tennis on a regular basis. To choose the best model you have to take into consideration a lot of very important factors – such as racquet’s weight or a size of its head and grip. Also do not forget about your training frequency and the current level of playing – they also matter.

Although the racquet for beginners usually does not last for a long time (as you advance your skills it is recommended to also upgrade your equipment), you should not buy just any random racquet. There is a slight chance that you will come across the one suited to facilitate your game and progress, which is crucial at that point.

Racquets for beginners: key parameters

People who start playing tennis should pay particular attention to racquet’s weight. One of the most common mistakes is buying a too heavy racquet. It may cause problems with making correct and full movements, as well as overstrain an arm and lead to micro-injuries. Tennis racquets for beginners are placed in groups classified as medium or light – from 260 to 295 grams. Lighter models (260-275 g) are usually dedicated to women, heavier (275-295 g) for men in a good physical condition.

When it comes to the head’s size the rule is simple – the bigger it is, the better chance of a “clean” shot. However, to have a good control over the ball, you should choose racquets with heads’ size between 98 and 102 inches (632-660 cm²). What is also important is the length of a racquet. For people who have just started to shape their technique of playing it should not be bigger than 27-27,25 inches.

To improve the comfort of playing, pay attention to a racquet’s center of gravity, that is a balance. There are three types of balance in a tennis racquet: neutral (32-33 cm), head light (below 32 cm) and head heavy (over 33 cm). Beginners are advised to choose neutral or head heavy balanced racquets. Before the purchase you should also check different grip sizes and choose the most comfortable one. You can apply the rule which says that in a forehand grip fingers and palm should be separated by a slot that can fit an index finger of an opposite hand.

Tennis racquets for beginners: price, brands, string types

Prices of tennis racquets for non-advanced players start with about 40 euros. For instance, a racquet for beginners HEAD MX Cyber Elite costs 41 euro, and HEAD YouTek IG Challenge MP is 58 euros. When choosing between different producers, you should opt for prestigious brands. Apart from the earlier mentioned HEAD, racquets of a high quality are made by companies such as Babolat, PACIFIC, Yonex or Wilson.

When buying a racquet you should also remember about choosing a suitable string. New frames either do not have it at all or have factory string which needs to be changed straight away. Beginners should try playing with multifilament strings or those made of soft polyesters.

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