How to select and buy a tennis racquet?

How to select and buy a tennis racquet?Buying a tennis racquet can be quite a challenge for those making first steps in tennis, as well as for more experienced amateurs. The best solution is to try a few racquets on the court and define which of them suits us the most. If we don’t have such an opportunity, our choice should be adjusted to favored playing style and based on frame characteristics.

Before we get to the point of choosing a racquet, we have to warn you about the popular, yet usually ineffective, way of selecting equipment. We mean choosing the models used by the best professional players. Marketing campaigns of tennis brands can surely capture the imagination, but not everyone knows that racquets used by professionals are nowhere near the models available at stores. Although at first glance they look the same, their parameters are completely different.

Tennis racquets: how to choose for yourself?

Online forums are full of threads such as „the best tennis racquets”. Actually, it’s hard to determine which frames are the best because the equipment good for everyone simply doesn’t exist, and probably won’t exist in the future either. Racquet, as well as string, should be adjusted to personal preferences. When choosing a racquet, take into consideration characteristics such as:

- weight,

- head size,

- balance,

- grip size.

When it comes to weight, beginners should choose rather lighter models. For women we can assume the range 240-270 g, for men 270-300 g. Heavier equipment isn’t recommended at the start, as it can make the game more difficult and lead to arm injuries.

Tennis racquet’s head size should be chosen according to the rule: the bigger head, the bigger center of percussion (so called sweet spot) and dynamics. Smaller heads (below 100 inches) give more control and ball feeling. This second option is recommended for more advanced players with a good hitting technique. Beginners and less technically advanced players should choose from a range 100-102 inches. Next important thing is balance. It is generally a measure of weight distribution in a tennis racquet. We can assume a following classification of tennis racquets according to their balance:

- head-heavy – over 33 cm,

- even balance – 32-33 cm,

- head-light – below 32 cm.

Tennis racquets for beginners should have even balance, sometimes referred to as neutral. It’s also worth knowing that head-heavy racquets are suitable for baseline game, but they are not a good choice for players who prefer net game and want their racquet easy to maneuver.

Tennis grips: how to choose a suitable size?

The last important factor in choosing a tennis racquet is a grip size. The most popular sizes for men are 3 and 4, for women – 2 (European standards). One of the rules stands that grip’s size is suitable when in a forehand grip fingers and palm form a slot that can fit an index finger of the other hand. If it is too loose, the grip is too big, if the finger doesn’t fit – size is too small.

Concluding, tennis racquets for beginners are a cost of minimum about 60 Euros. As we’ve already mentioned, the best solution is to test a few chosen models during the game and then make a final decision. Gigatennis Europe is not only a store, but also a racquet testing center, where you can check tennis equipment produced by the best brands.

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