How to choose a kids tennis racquet? Selecting a size of tennis racquets for children

How to choose a kids tennis racquet? Selecting a size of tennis racquets for childrenHow to pick a tennis racquet for a child? – being a parent of a kid who has already made first steps in tennis, you will have to face this question sooner or later. The number of racquet models available on the market can surely give you a headache. Yet, with learning some basic rules, selecting a proper equipment will be much easier.

The prices of junior tennis racquets range from about dozen to even hundreds of Euros. The cost depends on factors such as:

- size,

- frame material,

- systems embedded in a racquet,

- type od collection.

The latest generation racquets will always be more expensive than those making their debut in previous seasons. The differences usually come (only) to the matters of design. When comparing the prices of particular models you should pay attention to the materials used in production. Cheap tennis racquets are made of aluminium, since those more expensive are made of graphite compunds or even pure graphite.

How to select a tennis racquet for a child?

Selecting a tennis racquet is quite easy in case of children. Firstly because your choice may be based on a kid’s age and physical condition. Secondly because most producers place a suggested age on its racquets. Even if you don’t have a chance to take your child to a stationary tennis shop (or there is no such a shop in your area), the selection of a good size shouldn’t cause any probems either. You should just follow suggested parametres and apply them to your kid’s age and physical condition:

- child aged 2-3, height 75-90 cm – racquet size: 17 inches, weight about 150 g.,

- child aged 4, height 95-105 cm – racquet size: 19 inches, weight about 160 g.,

- child aged 4-6, height 75-90 cm – racquet size: 21 inches, weight about 180-190 g.,

- child aged 7-9, height 75-90 cm – racquet size: 23 inches, weight about 190-210 g.,

- child aged 10-12, height 75-90 cm – racquet size: 25 inches, weight about 230 g.,

- child aged over 12, height 75-90 cm – racquet size: 26 inches, weight about 245 g.

The classification has obviously only an auxiliary character. Children’s development depends on many factors and differs in time, thus it is impossible to determine one racquet size for each age group. The key indicator in this case is child’s height.

Junior tennis racquets: a simple test

If you can visit a tennis store with a child, choosing a racquet is even easier. You can usually rely on the shop assistant’s advice or just make a simple test. Ask a kid to hold a racquet in a hand and put an arm down, elbow straight. If a racquet’s head touches the ground, the racquet is too long. International Tennis Federation (ITF) recommends that the space between the ground and a racquet held by a kid should be at least 3 cm. Advisable gap is 3-5 cm.

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