How often should you replace a tennis string in your racquet?

How often should you replace a tennis string in your racquet?A well-fitted tennis string is one of the most important factors influencing a game. The type of string itself is however not enough to achieve the highest results and take a real pleasure out of the game. What also matters is restringing, that is replacing worn-out strings with new ones. In case of professional players rules of restringing are clear. Whereas, when it comes to amateurs, we have to take into consideration a lot of different factors.

Professional players mentioned above usually tend to restring their racquets after each playing session. When observing tournaments on TV we can however notice that some of the players change racquets with a “fresh” string a few times during one match. This is so common that no one seems surprised. First of all, the intensity of professional game is very high, which has a negative impact on string’s technical parameters. Moreover, professionals are very sensitive to aberrations from their norms, even those barely detectable.

How often should you restring a racquet?

Recreational players and active amateurs should follow different rules in comparison to professionals. We can even say that in their case the problem gets more complicated. Those players should base their decision of restringing on a few factors, such as:

- frequency of playing,

- surface played most often,

- the type of a string used.

When it comes to frequency, it is advised for players who practice 1-2 times a week in sessions of about 2 hours to restring their racquet every 2-3 months. The surface of the court is also important. You should remember that clay courts make strings more vulnerable to mechanical damages, which in consequence shortens their vitality. Speaking of the strings’ types the rule is simple – the most durable are those made of polyester, then multifilament strings are less permanent, but the most short-lived are natural strings made of guts. The latter are however not very popular among amateurs because of their relatively high price.

When to restring the racquet?

It is really difficult to determine a firm restringing range for intermediately advanced amateurs who enter a court a few times a week. There’s an unwritten rule which says that strings used by such players lose their properties after about 15-20 hours of playing.

Therefore, we want to debunk one of the popular myths saying that the new string should be applied only right after the previous one breaks. This is a false assumption made mostly by the less experienced players. On the market we can find some extremely durable polyester strings that could not be “broken” by club players, not to mention amateurs playing with lesser intensity or recreational players.

People who play occasionally, not more often than once a week, should remember about restringing a racquet at least once a year. Even if a racquet rests unused in a bag, a string loses its parameters.

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