A tennis bag or a tennis racquet backpack– what’s better and more practical?

A tennis bag or a tennis racquet backpack– what’s better and more practical?Tennis racquet bags or backpacks are an elementary piece of equipment for every tennis player. Regardless of your advancement level or time you spend on court, you should have a bag or rucksack that has enough room for your racquets, as well as shoes, gear, drinks and snacks. In the article below you will find some advice concerning the choice between these two and the tips on who may need a tennis racquet bag but for whom a backpack would be big enough.

When it comes to making a good choice, the biggest challenge is faced by tennis beginners. More experienced players, who practice a few times a week, often decide to buy both a bag and a backpack. That is the best solution, yet also a larger expense.

Tennis racquet bag: how to choose the best model?

Players who do not want to or cannot afford buying both a bag and a rucksack only seemingly face a difficult choice. In fact, they should just answer a few questions before the purchase to make a good decision:

- how often do you play tennis,

- what is your most common means of transport to courts (car, bike, on foot),

- how many racquets do you need during a training session or a match,

- how much space do you need for some other gear (shoes, accessories, drinks, snacks).

Tennis bag is recommended for people who play regularly few times a week, own more than one racquet and carry shoes, tennis outfit and accessories with them. The sizes of tennis bags are various, you can choose the most suitable one depending on how much gear you take on a court. The most popular types available in professional tennis shops are:

- 3 racquet tennis bag – a basic version with one main compartment that can hold up racquets, shoes, a towel and something to drink. It usually has some extra pockets for accessories or documents.

- 6 racquet tennis bag – two compartments enable holding racquets and other gear separately. It is recommended for amateurs who play regularly.

- 9 racquet tennis bag – a big bag with 3 compartments is practical and most often used by advanced players. Most of the models have separate compartments for shoes and accessories,

- 12 racquet tennis bag – a typically professional tennis thermobag with many compartments for racquets, shoes, other gear and drinks. It is equipped with shoulder straps, so it can be worn as a backpack.

The prices of tennis bags can vary significantly depending on their size, model and brand. They start with about 25 euros in case of the most basic versions, yet the largest thermobags from the latest collections can reach the price of 100-150 euros.

Tennis racquet backpack: practical solution and money savings

A significantly cheaper option is a racquet backpack. A good quality tennis rucksack produced by famous brand can cost as little as about 20 euros. The newest models are a little more expensive, yet not more than several euros.

Tennis backpack is the best solution for people who do not play regularly or do not have to carry many racquets, gear, outfits, tennis shoes and drinks with them. A rucksack is comfortable, so it does not disturb the player who travels to the court by bike or goes on foot.

The best models of tennis bags and backpacks (professional brands such as Wilson, Babolat, HEAD, Yonex or PACIFIC) are available in our shop and online.

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